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My name is Paola and I have an unhealthy obsession with Ed Sheeran, Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. I am just a girl in a hallway surrounded by strangers.


Meryl Davis + Dogs appreciation post

Happy 24th Birthday Emma Watson! (April 15)


 Sara Bareilles favorite celebrity meme

1/5 Favourite Hair Moments: One Splendid Evening concert [2009]


Ever read this one fic where you are like:

"I’m going to hell. I am going to hell for this, it doesn’t matter what religion I am. I am going to the deepest darkest pit in hell."

And you just keep on reading because you love it.


maks: im gonna be half naked though

meryl and everyone else in the world: that’s okay

And we were golden. [x]

And we were golden. [x]

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